Misty Vapours, your source for high quality vaping supplies throughout Australia, is proud to announce the latest in high quality and healthy vaping products; Nicotine Free Liquids.

Nicotine Free Liquids satisfy nicotine cravings up to 6mg equivalent, will NOT produce new cravings (it does not trigger Dopamine), is not addictive, and is not poisonous, and contains NO nicotine or synthetic nicotine.

Nicotine Free Liquids are what all vapourists need. It will release you from the nicotine cravings in a relatively short period of time, this time will vary according to the individual.

Nicotine Free Liquids are a completely natural product which are designed to end the user’s addiction to nicotine.

It has been developed by a world leading Chemistry Professor with a Doctorate in Bio-Chemistry. A world leading expert in Human Chemistry.

Unlike toxic nicotine, Nicotine Free Liquids are entirely healthy and natural. It contains no toxins.

Nicotine Free Liquids are not addictive even though they fully satisfies nicotine cravings. Nobody in the group study picked up that they were not vaping nicotine. Everybody stated it fully satisfied their nicotine cravings.

Nicotine Free Liquids are made, in addition to standard vaping liquid products, from natural healthy food products found in most households. It requires expensive specialised machinery to extract the necessary components, and then to blend these specialised components, in the correct proportions, to create the delicately balanced Nicotine Free Liquids. This must be done at a Pharmaceutical Grade.

Do it yourselfers who wish to make this at home, sorry, impossible, unless you have over a million dollars’ worth of highly specialised machinery and a Chemistry PHD.

Nicotine Free Liquids are NOT nicotine substitutes, it is an alternative offered to you all. We offer to you all to try using Nicotine Free Liquids instead of using nicotine, in the same way one might offer you tea instead of coffee, or orange juice instead of Coca Cola.

Nicotine Free Liquids are safe, you can sprinkle them on your food as an extra flavour.

Nicotine Free Liquids are is in their second phase of development (called Nicotine Free Liquids 1 at this phase). In this phase it has a taste. Because of this we can only supply Nicotine Free Liquids 1 in the form of premixed juices in certain flavours which have been adjusted to either cover, or blend with, this taste.  We have been unable to cover this taste in comparative nic levels above 6mg and therefore, Nicotine Free Liquids 1 are only available at 6mg equivalent strength.

Nicotine Free Liquids 1 satisfies nicotine cravings but does not cause new cravings. It is not addictive. This means that users will soon lose their addiction to nicotine. Everybody is different so how long this will take will depend on the individual.

Nicotine Free Liquids 2 will be released next.

Nicotine Free Liquids 2 have been developed but we need an extremely expensive machine to produce it.

Nicotine Free Liquids 2 have no taste and is much more refined than Nicotine Free Liquids 1. As it has no taste, it will be able to satisfy all nicotine user levels. Like Nicotine Free Liquids 1, Nicotine Free Liquids 2 will be completely healthy, you could drink them (though it will be in a super concentrated form so I would suggest watering it down before drinking it).

Nicotine Free Liquids 1 will be available pre-blended into Misty Vapours Premium Flavours. You will be able to purchase them through a Misty Vapours Café, outlet or website, or from your usual Vape supplier. If your usual Vape Supplier does not yet stock Misty Vapours Nicotine Free Liquids, ask them to contact me to arrange to become a stockist for you.

A website will be available for resellers to place orders and make requests for the flavours of their choice.

We will attempt to create your favourite flavours first. We have a full time expert Flavourist at work. The Misty Vapours web site ( ) has a section for you to enter your flavour requests. We will use this list to determine what flavours we will create first.


We wish health and happiness to all of the vaping community. We hope you enjoy our Nicotine Free Liquids. Happy vaping to all.

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