Vaporesso Target Pro Kit Black No Longer Available Replaced by Tarot Nano Starter Kit

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Vaporesso Target Pro Kit Black No Longer Available Replaced by Tarot Nano Starter Kit

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Professional All-In-One Vape Kit
The Target Pro hits the “target” for maximum performance each and every time.

…but the best just got better!

The new Target Pro vape kit features advanced AI, allowing you to tailor each hit on your vape to your exact specifications just like the pros due to its onboard software costomizable TCR controls.
Using bespoke mechanical vape kits used to be the reserve of ‘hardcore’ vapers who are able to build their own set-ups, but the technical know-how required is often beyond the average user.

Now Vaporesso makes professional vaping safer and easier than ever before with the Target Pro.

Battery can be found at Sony VTC4 18650 Battery 30A or at Sony VTC5 Battery 2600mah

Replacement coils can be found at Vaporesso cCell coil for Target Pro Tank

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The Target Pro’s main evolution is its sophisticated onboard firmware, or AI.

This allows users to automatically adjust their kit’s settings to get the best possible performance from their rig.

Unlike mechanical and DIY vape mods, the Target Pro adjusts settings, such as temperature, at the push of a button, meaning that you get more flavour, more vapour, and much more enjoyment from each hit.

The new onboard firmware gives you many options including:

Adapt your vape mod to get perfect performance from a variety of coils, such as stainless steel, titanium, tungsten, etc, with automatic temperature coefficient selection (TCR) and pre-programmed temperature controls for your coil type
No math required, just make a selection based on your coil and the firmware does the rest! No burning of your wick, no oxidation of your coil which can taint your vape’s taste and release harmful emissions, and so healthier vaping and better life span for your coils.
Personalise your Target Pro with your own name, welcome message, and display on its LCD screen which is larger than on the Target.
Get the latest firmware updates by logging in to the Vaporesso device manager portal online and downloading software for free.

The Target Pro also includes convenient top fill ‘Target Pro Tank’ design to minimise chances of spillage, and a new enhanced leak resistant design.
Finally the Target Pro also includes Vaporesso’s CCELL ceramic coil inside. This special coil delivers the purest taste from your favourite e-juice, is designed to limit spitting, and offers you an extremely resilient porous ceramic wick which can recover from overheating without needing to be disposed of like burnt out cotton wicks.